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Rest in Peace, Samuel T

Once again, a cat dies on Christmas. Sam looked up to Dante so much, it almost makes me wonder if he was following in his footsteps.

There he was as a baby.  He was the sweetest little baby and I am going to miss him more than words can express.  Luckily he didn't suffer, but it was still a shock.  Rest in peace, little baby.
Maya Deren

Suddenly a wild post appears

Well, as 2013 winds down I have to say it was an odd year.  It started badly and then we went to the Dominican Republic for a week and had a pretty decent summer.  So there have been a lot of ups and downs.  I stopped writing for awhile for personal reasons and trying to get back into it and hope to make something happen next year.

In the meantime, Derek set me up with my own editing program which he'd never used before.

That was hours of work, fixing mistakes and sifting through an hour and a half worth of footage to find shots that meant the most to me.  I'm trying to vlog, although my voice has a natural tremor to it, so I don't speak well for the camera.  Still, it seems like the older I get, the more I want to remember things, so video is like one step beyond picture taking.

If anyone's still around LJ - Merry Christmas!  Another countdown planned soon...
Maya Deren

Looking back on 2012

I'm not sure if I like this new format for LJ, but it might take some getting used to.  We went out for New Year's Eve to a warehouse party way out in Brooklyn and wound up having a pretty impressive fight.  It almost seems like the only time of year we ever really get upset with each other and it all boils down I think we were both too drunk.  This place had an Alice in Wonderland theme with a teacup ride (a small one, but how cool!).  So naturally I dragged him to wait in line with me - which took about an hour.  When we finally got on, he spun the thing so fast that by the time the ride ended I felt totally nauseous.  By then it was like 3 or 3:30 anyway and we had an hour ride on the subway ahead of us so I wanted to leave and he didn't.  Oh well, I guess it wouldn't be normal if we didn't snap at each other first thing in a new year.  Anyway...

So I'm trying to learn how to edit since I shoot so much video with my camera now.  It's not coming easy, but we had a good amount of fun in 2012 so here'a compilation of some of the highlights.

First I took my friend for a lesson on the flying trapeze for her birthday. I had fun, but I don't think I will be doing it again any time soon.

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So that was my year in videos.  As a whole, it was a pretty good year although I do hope this one is better!  I'm having a tooth removed in two days, so I'm trying to distract myself.  I might update a little more often since the site came back up.  Seriously, I was trying to log on for what felt like weeks, so I'm glad LJ's back.  Happy 2013!!!
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Me 'n Al

(no subject)

Okay, this is my journal so I just have to say it.  I hate politics with unbridled passion.  So one of my Facebook friends gets all in a tiff because I guess someone called her out on her political beliefs.  She wrote a post like 'with all these pictures of cats, why can't we talk about important things like politics?'  I just said I prefer to keep my Facebook light - there's too much room for arguing when it comes to religion and politics.  I got into a HUGE fight with a guy about a year ago over my spiritual beliefs and then another of his friends whom I didn't even know attacked me for my non-belief in the bible.  It got me thinking about making a post detailing why I believe what I believe.  I'll have to do that one of these days so when someone gets on my case, I can just refer them to the link.

Anyway, happy birthday to Weird Al.  I still love you.

I'm also finished writing the manuscript for a young adult novel and I'm trying to muster the nerve to start looking for agents.  This is how I plan to spend the end of November - after Halloween, after having a tooth removed and after a colonoscopy.  Right now I have enough scary things on my mind.
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Maya Deren


With the death of Beastie Boy MCA, I feel inspired to do a countdown of my personal favorite 90s videos.  It would be too hard to do a BB countdown since I loved everything that they did. We honored him over the weekend by watching all of their 80s videos and a few from the 90s, then went on to watch my 90s collection so I put together this list.  Eventually I want to do an 80s countdown too but it's hard to narrow my favorites down to 10.  If the cut doesn't work, I'll scream.

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Love the 90s.  Love the memories and the music was so much better than what we have today.  I'll never forget parties where Beastie Boys Check your Head and Licensed to Ill were blasting from the stereos.  I dedicate this post to MCA - you'll never be forgotten.  

Maya Deren

Goodbye Dante

Well I hope everyone's Christmas was better than ours. We lost our cat Dante yesterday and up until Friday he was all right. He was old, but still playful and had a good appetite. He picked at his food Friday then wouldn't eat Saturday or Sunday. Went to the vet yesterday and they said he needed to be hospitalized, so we agreed to let them do some testing. They called less than an hour later and said he had passed. Anyway, I guess it's a good thing we didn't do any traveling for the holiday. If he would have died while someone else was babysitting, I would have felt even worse. He was fifteen.

Our younger cat was looking for him last night. He's never been alone before, so I'm a little worried about coming home and finding the apartment trashed. Either way, as much as I love Sam, Dante was the affectionate one. Sam's aloof and can't be bothered.

Aside from that, we had a nice time opening the gifts our parents sent. I missed them, but at least we got to spend one last night with our little Dante. I want to work on a little memorial for him tonight, last night I was crying a little too hard.

Rest in peace, little friend.
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All right, so I've got to sort out my head.  After all this confusion with my job and where this agency wanted to put me, I got a full time job at Fuse.  It's the only cable station that still plays music videos - which is actually kind of fun.  I'm in the studio where they film some of the live bands, got to talk to the singer of They Might Be Giants.  Alice Cooper said Hi to me and I saw Snoop Dogg (lots of bands I don't know too).  It's actually extremely cool.  The VJs are so good looking they intimidate me a little.  So is Hoppus who's in Blink 182, but he almost always says Hi to me.

The only downside is - it doesn't pay very much.  Which doesn't matter because it's very laid back and low stress.  The people are all really great, the hairstylists and wardrobe people, the stagehands and people who escort the celebrities around.  My manager is awesome and doesn't mind how I keep myself busy, so there's plenty of time to write.  I've been here 2 months and I'm finally settling in.

Now the agency wants to move me.  A position opened up that's a little bit more (I'm hourly, possibly $2 extra per hour) but it's waaay downtown.  It's actually part of the World Financial Center, which I'm sure my mom with love if I take it.  Sarcasm.  I'm not thrilled about having to move yet again, but I agreed to interview with them Friday afternoon.  Then I burst into tears.  I thought my interviewing days were over.  They like me here - I like them and it's kind of fun.  But who knows, maybe the people downtown will be amazing as well?

So confused.  I would take the other job for these reasons.

1. If the hours were different.  If I left at 5 instead of 5:45 - I'd get home at 5:45 instead, which would be really darned sweet.
2. If the people were amazing.  Like where I am now.
3. Hate to say it, but it has to be low stress.  Like where I am now.
4. Freedom to use the bathroom on my own.  That's been a problem in the past.

Well the good thing is, this isn't something I have to do.  At least I don't think so.  I just want to settle somewhere and be there for awhile.  All the bouncing around is making me crazy and I'm just at a point where I feel (physically as well as mentally) too old for it. 

OK, rant over.
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Catching up

Wow, it's been a long time.  I wonder if anyone is still around the Livejournal neck of the woods?  I seemed to have too much happen at once in the early part of the year and just didn't want to write about it.  The job I was at, where I was able to write as much as I wanted, came to an end in March and I got really depressed.  So I had a few months of being miserably up in the air with work and just last month landed somewhere permanent with Fuse TV.  I'm actually really enjoying it.  It's in the studio, so this is where the VJs come in to announce the Top 20 videos and Sexiest videos.  This guy Hoppus has a show here too, so he has musicians come in and a studio audience.  It's kind of a cool way to get introduced to some music.  I was here for quiet awhile before someone told me Hoppus is a singer in Blink 182, which seems cool.  I don't know them at all but I definitely got the vibe that he was a performer right away.  He came out to greet the audience by my desk and was just "on."

So I'm feeling a lot more settled now and writing every day.  Eventually I want to try to get it published, but I'm not going to rush myself too hard.  When I'm ready I'll know and I'm just enjoying the process.  In the meantime, I do have Mermaid Parade photos even though it was two months ago already.  Since I use Facebook so much, my Photobucket barely gets touched.  But I uploaded them there, so might as well include them.

We did a graffiti theme.  I couldn't find shell bras and my friend with the red hair suggested pasties.  Then my other friend loved the idea so I was like, guess I'm wearing pasties!  It was very liberating and we got a lot of attention for it. we go!

This was my favorite.  Love the eyelashes!

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Fly the friendly skies!

Wow I keep forgetting to post my pictures from New Year's Eve.  I gave up red meat right before Christmas and I swear it's making my brain go all fuzzy.  I'm feeling super weak too, starting to think it might not be such a good idea.  Since I'm still eating chicken & turkey it can't be lack of protein, so I'm going to try iron pills.  Or I might just go back - in moderation.

So at the last minute we realized we didn't have anything to do New Year's Eve and luckily a friend invited us to this art/warehouse party deep in the bowels of Brooklyn.  Warehouse parties seem to be the new thing to do, I guess - the line was out the door and around the block.  We got there at about 10:15 and about an hour later were starting to get nervous.  Who wants to ring in the new year outside in a line in the freezing cold?  Luckily we made it in by 11:45 and had enough time to find the (port-a-potty) bathrooms and look around.  It was sensory overload - lots of stuff to see and play with - lots of people on heavy drugs, I'm sure.

Anyway, these shoes were already messing with my head as we were waiting.  Don't they look backwards or upside down or something?

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 So that was extremely cool.  I'm having my holiday party tomorrow night.  We had to reschedule from last weekend because we were both sick, so hey.  Better late than never!

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Book list

Okay my cut is acting up.  I kept track by month, so I have to manually put in every month for some reason.  I guess my average is about 1 1/2 to 2 books each week depending on how long it is.  Anyway, no rhyme or reason to this.  *indicates a reread.
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