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With the death of Beastie Boy MCA, I feel inspired to do a countdown of my personal favorite 90s videos.  It would be too hard to do a BB countdown since I loved everything that they did. We honored him over the weekend by watching all of their 80s videos and a few from the 90s, then went on to watch my 90s collection so I put together this list.  Eventually I want to do an 80s countdown too but it's hard to narrow my favorites down to 10.  If the cut doesn't work, I'll scream.

10. It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork.  It's hard to pick one Bjork video - but this one just makes me feel good.

9. The Saga Begins - Weird Al. Also hard to pick one Weird Al song too, but this one's just brilliant.

8. The Gentlemen Who Fell - Milla.  Because super models can also produce lovely videos.

7. Tonight Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins. (Disarm would be close - but I love this video).

6. Sexy Boy - Air. Because French music is just so cool.  

5. Intergallactic - Beastie Boys.  Because epic video is epic.

4. The Carnival is Over - Dead Can Dance.  One of my favorite bands - so beautiful!

3. Intact - Ned's Atomic Dustbin.  Another of my all time favorite bands featuring two more of my favorite things - Coney Island and the New York City Halloween parade.  Sweet.

2. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode.  Nature looks so beautiful here.

1. Sweet Lullaby - Deep Forest.  Because the world is just so beautiful.  And we are all so much alike deep down inside.  Twenty years later it still takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes.

I only wish the Cure did more interesting videos in the 90s.  

Love the 90s.  Love the memories and the music was so much better than what we have today.  I'll never forget parties where Beastie Boys Check your Head and Licensed to Ill were blasting from the stereos.  I dedicate this post to MCA - you'll never be forgotten.  

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