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Okay, this is my journal so I just have to say it.  I hate politics with unbridled passion.  So one of my Facebook friends gets all in a tiff because I guess someone called her out on her political beliefs.  She wrote a post like 'with all these pictures of cats, why can't we talk about important things like politics?'  I just said I prefer to keep my Facebook light - there's too much room for arguing when it comes to religion and politics.  I got into a HUGE fight with a guy about a year ago over my spiritual beliefs and then another of his friends whom I didn't even know attacked me for my non-belief in the bible.  It got me thinking about making a post detailing why I believe what I believe.  I'll have to do that one of these days so when someone gets on my case, I can just refer them to the link.

Anyway, happy birthday to Weird Al.  I still love you.

I'm also finished writing the manuscript for a young adult novel and I'm trying to muster the nerve to start looking for agents.  This is how I plan to spend the end of November - after Halloween, after having a tooth removed and after a colonoscopy.  Right now I have enough scary things on my mind.

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