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Looking back on 2012

I'm not sure if I like this new format for LJ, but it might take some getting used to.  We went out for New Year's Eve to a warehouse party way out in Brooklyn and wound up having a pretty impressive fight.  It almost seems like the only time of year we ever really get upset with each other and it all boils down I think we were both too drunk.  This place had an Alice in Wonderland theme with a teacup ride (a small one, but how cool!).  So naturally I dragged him to wait in line with me - which took about an hour.  When we finally got on, he spun the thing so fast that by the time the ride ended I felt totally nauseous.  By then it was like 3 or 3:30 anyway and we had an hour ride on the subway ahead of us so I wanted to leave and he didn't.  Oh well, I guess it wouldn't be normal if we didn't snap at each other first thing in a new year.  Anyway...

So I'm trying to learn how to edit since I shoot so much video with my camera now.  It's not coming easy, but we had a good amount of fun in 2012 so here'a compilation of some of the highlights.

First I took my friend for a lesson on the flying trapeze for her birthday. I had fun, but I don't think I will be doing it again any time soon.

Then we got tickets to see the excellent German band Kraftwerk - for FREE - at MOMA.

We got a new kitten - introducing our sweet little Mimsy!

My first experiment with music.  This footage was taken on a hike in upstate New Paltz, NY. The turkey vultures were really impressive (and the fact that we wound up doing some serious rock climbing without the proper gear)

The Renaissance Faire! These trapeze artists are more talented than I. I was a little drunk on mead while filming so it's unsteady - plus bees kept landing on my arm. Anyway, I was impressed.

This Christmas we went to Pennsylvania to see my folks. We saw this adorable bird Christmas Eve at a party where musicians just go to jam (my Dad played guitar). I love when birds dance!

So that was my year in videos.  As a whole, it was a pretty good year although I do hope this one is better!  I'm having a tooth removed in two days, so I'm trying to distract myself.  I might update a little more often since the site came back up.  Seriously, I was trying to log on for what felt like weeks, so I'm glad LJ's back.  Happy 2013!!!

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