Erika (beginnings_end) wrote,

Suddenly a wild post appears

Well, as 2013 winds down I have to say it was an odd year.  It started badly and then we went to the Dominican Republic for a week and had a pretty decent summer.  So there have been a lot of ups and downs.  I stopped writing for awhile for personal reasons and trying to get back into it and hope to make something happen next year.

In the meantime, Derek set me up with my own editing program which he'd never used before.

That was hours of work, fixing mistakes and sifting through an hour and a half worth of footage to find shots that meant the most to me.  I'm trying to vlog, although my voice has a natural tremor to it, so I don't speak well for the camera.  Still, it seems like the older I get, the more I want to remember things, so video is like one step beyond picture taking.

If anyone's still around LJ - Merry Christmas!  Another countdown planned soon...

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