August 24th, 2011

Maya Deren


All right, so I've got to sort out my head.  After all this confusion with my job and where this agency wanted to put me, I got a full time job at Fuse.  It's the only cable station that still plays music videos - which is actually kind of fun.  I'm in the studio where they film some of the live bands, got to talk to the singer of They Might Be Giants.  Alice Cooper said Hi to me and I saw Snoop Dogg (lots of bands I don't know too).  It's actually extremely cool.  The VJs are so good looking they intimidate me a little.  So is Hoppus who's in Blink 182, but he almost always says Hi to me.

The only downside is - it doesn't pay very much.  Which doesn't matter because it's very laid back and low stress.  The people are all really great, the hairstylists and wardrobe people, the stagehands and people who escort the celebrities around.  My manager is awesome and doesn't mind how I keep myself busy, so there's plenty of time to write.  I've been here 2 months and I'm finally settling in.

Now the agency wants to move me.  A position opened up that's a little bit more (I'm hourly, possibly $2 extra per hour) but it's waaay downtown.  It's actually part of the World Financial Center, which I'm sure my mom with love if I take it.  Sarcasm.  I'm not thrilled about having to move yet again, but I agreed to interview with them Friday afternoon.  Then I burst into tears.  I thought my interviewing days were over.  They like me here - I like them and it's kind of fun.  But who knows, maybe the people downtown will be amazing as well?

So confused.  I would take the other job for these reasons.

1. If the hours were different.  If I left at 5 instead of 5:45 - I'd get home at 5:45 instead, which would be really darned sweet.
2. If the people were amazing.  Like where I am now.
3. Hate to say it, but it has to be low stress.  Like where I am now.
4. Freedom to use the bathroom on my own.  That's been a problem in the past.

Well the good thing is, this isn't something I have to do.  At least I don't think so.  I just want to settle somewhere and be there for awhile.  All the bouncing around is making me crazy and I'm just at a point where I feel (physically as well as mentally) too old for it. 

OK, rant over.